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“A shamelessly irreverent, irresistible read."
                                        — Thomas Detroit

“[Wet] is a singular example of modern and elegant verse. It's alternately clever and poignant, funny and wise. She has accomplished wonderful things in her long creative life, to be sure, but perhaps nothing is more assured and mature and successful than this collection of her poetry. I cannot recommend it more highly."
                                        — Monte Schulz

“The work stuns!
You are taken on a lovely ride
through sheer insight and metaphor into the sacred space.
“Hard as nails and deeply embraced”-
Toni Stern sweeps you away – she IS the music."

                                        — Candace Browne

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Before we installed the ear-shattering
smoke alarm, I painted its white face,
including the embossed directive
not to do so, a color as close
to the natural wood ceiling as
my limited palette allowed.

I don’t trust my memory anymore,
especially when I’m steaming artichokes,
so I’ve made this concession
to conformity and safety—
brightening up my compliance
with the stubborn rebellion
of paint.



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