Poetry and Paintings by Toni Stern

Toni has a new collection of poetry.

Now available at Amazon.com.

“When Toni and I first started writing songs in 1969, her poetry took the form of lyrics.
Today, as then, her poems are filled with an inherent musicality that joins with her words
to evoke emotions and provoke the imagination. Enjoy the journey!”

                                                                                               — Carole King



Toni Stern enjoyed a highly productive collaboration with the singer-songwriter Carole King. Stern wrote the lyrics to several of King's songs, most notably "It's Too Late" for the album Tapestry. Stern's music has been recorded by many artists, from Gloria Estefan and Barbra Streisand to Faith Hill and Drag-On. Now, through the expansive medium of poetry, she continues her spirited exploration of contemporary life.

Now available at Amazon.com.


Before we installed the ear-shattering
smoke alarm, I painted its white face,
including the embossed directive
not to do so, a color as close
to the natural wood ceiling as
my limited palette allowed.

I don’t trust my memory anymore,
especially when I’m steaming artichokes,
so I’ve made this concession
to conformity and safety—
brightening up my compliance
with the stubborn rebellion
of paint.


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